How I discovered The Religion Of Nye

I studied ancient religions and cults for years, Ive even stumbled upon some crazy scientists before, that think humans can become Gods with technology. But when I discovered The Thelonic Texts and The Cult Of Nye, I was truly surprised and intrigued I wanted to learn how they tick. I first discovered the Cult Of Nye first in 2003, on my Film trip in Los Angeles and the greater California area for a documentary on religious sciences and abrahamic religions.  We were in filming near Long Island, getting interviews from scientologists and decided to go to the park after we were done. After walking the hike for about for a few minutes, it was getting late so we decided to turn back and go to our hotel for the night. But before we could turn back we heard drums, feet stomping, shouting and horns. They were also chanting “Nye Nye Nye Nye” my film crew and I decided to get a little closer to the action, we got so close that they were starting to get scared. I ventured forward closer and saw dancing, clapping, chanting in Arabic, after being a little spooked from it all, I tried to move down back to the hike. But I saw a van with a poster inside saying “The Church Of Nye”. Now I was intrigued, so I took down the license plate and saw a sticker for a popular restaurant and then saw the front seat had a employee shirt resting in the chair. Now being a little sketched out I went down back to my film crew and got the hell out of there. The next morning I went to the restaurant (Not going to disclose exact location for privacy) and saw the van, a few minutes later I went in and asked who’s van it was, because I luckily or unluckily already had a dent on the right side of my car. A 17 year old boy said it was his and that he was sorry but his friend drove it yesterday and today to the restaurant because they both work there. He said his friends name is Ted and heres his home number, I called Ted and asked if he wanted to meet with me regarding the dent, he agreed and we met up. After meeting up at a near by coffee shop he appeared agitated and wanted to get the meeting over with, so I talked with him for a few minutes then after a little bit i asked him why when he dropped the van off at the restaurant he had no poster but when he drove it here it did, he replied “Oh, Thats just my church that I joined recently that accepts gay people because my friend joined and hes gay and said i would love it”. I settled with him and said if you can tell me about your religion, your debt to me will be payed. This was when he briefly mentioned “The Thelonic Texts” a ancient tablet that predates christianity by atleast a couple hundred years. I said we have talked enough and can meet again next week.



I will be talking about Nye their rituals, practices, beliefs and The Thelonic Texts in my next couple of posts.